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i was young and unafraid ; an éponine thénardier fanmix

in an effort to introduce amy to more lovely things, i've decided to make her a fanmix about the flawless and superior éponine thénardier as part of her christmas gift. musical theatre - it's a magical thing. [also, emily browning - because why not?]
download .zip

tomorrow will be kinder: THE SECRET SISTERS
black clouds are behind me, i now can see ahead / often I wonder why I try hoping for an end / sorrow weighs my shoulders down / and trouble haunts my mind but i know the present will not last / and tomorrow will be kinder

if i talk real slowly, if i try real hard / to make my point dear, that you have my heart / here i go, i'll tell you what you already know / here I go, i'll tell you what you already know if you love me with all of your heart / if you love me / i'll make you a star in my universe

two birds on a wire / one tries to fly away and the other / watches him close from that wire / he says he wants to as well but he is a liar / i'll believe it all / there's nothing I won't understand / i'll believe it all / i won't let go of your hand

hummingbird: AQUALUNG
such a tiny spark, little tiny spark / but a spark it could catch and could grow and could burn this whole place / to the ground / such a little voice, little tiny voice / still it's easy to hear how it someday could fill a whole world / with sound

no one's gonna love you [acoustic]: BAND OF HORSES
and anything to make you smile / it is my better side of you to admire / but they should never take so long / just to be over then back to another one / and no one is ever gonna love you more than i do / no one's gonna love you more than i do

take your time (coming home) [acoustic]: FUN.
take your time coming home / hear the wheels as they roll / let your lungs fill up with smoke / forgive everyone / she is here and now she is gone / we had plans, we can't help but make love / it's a beautiful thing when you love somebody and i love somebody

it's a wonder at all that I'm alive / it's a wonder at all that I'm still standing / it's a wonder at all that i survived the war / between your, between your heart and mine / i won't surrender / i will fight better / you lock me out, you knock me down / but i will find my way around / i won't surrender / this is war
Tags: fanmix, theatre: les miserables
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