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credit to -hermione@tumblr

* = i’m not caught up on the show.


gossip girl

 dan/blair | nate/blair | carter/serena

ϟ   carter/blair | tripp/blair | jack/blair | chuck/serena

blair waldorf | dan humphrey | jenny humphrey


 finn/quinn | puck/quinn | finn/santana | rachel/jesse

ϟ   quinn/jesse | rachel/mike | quinn/mike

finn hudson | santana lopez | kurt hummel

harry potter


ϟ   harry/luna | harry/hermione

harry potter | hermione granger | ron weasley

the hunger games

 gale/katniss | peeta/katniss | finnick/annie

ϟ   cinna/katniss | finnick/katniss | finnick/johanna

katniss everdeen | gale hawthorne | finnick odair

how i met your mother

  barney/robin | lily/marshall

ϟ   barney/lily | robin/marshall

barney stinson | robin scherbatsky | ted mosby 

 lily aldrin | marshall eriksen

skins uk

 sid/cassie | tony/michelle | jal/chris |

    freddie/effy | cook/effy

    rich/grace | nick/franky | alo/mini

ϟ   tony/cassie | jj/effy | rich/mini

☀ cassie ainsworth | tony stonem | chris miles

     freddie maclair | katie fitch | effy stonem

     grace blood | mini mcguinness

skins us


tea marvelli | chris collins | michelle reinhart

the vampire diaries *

 damon/elena | stefan/caroline

caroline forbes | damon salvatore

pretty little liars 


ϟ hanna/lucas  

hanna marin | spencer hastings


 annie/jeff | britta/jeff

annie edison | britta perry | troy barnes

other fandoms: 90210*; american horror story; the big bang theory; boardwalk empire; the borgias; degrassi; grey’s anatomy; the lying game; misfits; modern family; private practice; revenge; switched at birth*; the secret circle*; victorious

off the air: the best years; beverly hills, 90210; beyond the break; dawson’s creek; freaks and geeks; friday night lights; instant star; kings; my so-called life; the nine lives of chloe king; one tree hill; popular; south of nowhere; that ’70s show; the tudors; veronica mars

to-watch list: boys over flowers; brittania high; dream high; game of thrones; the fades; nearly famous; once upon a time; pan am; shameless (us); silk; terra nova

Tags: !fandom list
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